Inktober 2018

Inktober is an event celebrated by everyone who enjoys drawing and inking for the month of October. The goal is to draw something new each day and share your results with everyone. For this month my goal is to draw anime dogs doing something that is related to the theme. You can find the basic rules and themes on this site and post here. Remember to have fun and don’t stress yourself out.

  1. Poisonous. Nothing like making a little poison before Halloween. IMG_2571
  2. Tranquil. Sometimes you just want to sleep rather than going on a walk.IMG_2570
  3. Roasted. Gotta hide under an umbrella if you don’t want to get roasted.IMG_2569
  4. Spell. Spelling out the rules of tricks and treats.IMG_2568
  5. Chichen. Is Elizabeth a chicken?IMG_2567
  6. Drooling. Always drooling for treats.IMG_2566
  7. Exhausted. Sometimes you wanted to sleep because you’re exhausted.IMG_2565
  8. Star. The real stars of Gintama.IMG_2564
  9. Precious. Our precious family members.IMG_2563
  10. Flowing. Our dog has such flowing fur.IMG_2562
  11. Cruel. It’s cruel when we get this face from our dog while we eat.IMG_2561
  12. Whale. It would be cute of the water fountains at the dog park had little whales. IMG_2560
  13. Guarded. He’s always guarding my food against falling to the floor.IMG_2559
  14. Clock. Who needs an alarm clock when you have this guy trying to wake you up.IMG_2558
  15. Weak. Every dog is weak for treats.IMG_2557
  16. Angular.IMG_2556
  17. Swollen. Our dog always has a swollen tummy after dinner.IMG_2555
  18. Bottle. Our dog likes to play with plastic bottles. Sometimes he will fall asleep next to them.IMG_2554
  19. Scorched. Remember to protect your dog’s paws when its scorching hot or cold outside.IMG_2553
  20. Breakable. Every dog toy is breakable. IMG_2552
  21. Drain. Every dog knows what this is for. IMG_2551
  22. Expensive. Why buy an expensive dog bed when they would rather sleep with you.IMG_2550
  23. Muddy. Our dog loves to play in muddy puddles. IMG_2549
  24. Chop. If our dog could he would chop down the trees to gets the squirrels.IMG_2548
  25. Prickly. We have a hedgehog dog toy dressed as a cheerleader for some odd reason. IMG_2547
  26. Stretch. Every dogs gotta stretch those legs.IMG_2546
  27.  Thunder. Our dog hides under the blankets when a thunderstorm comes by.IMG_2545
  28. Gift. Our dog’s favorite gift is a little yellow dog. He likes to sleep with it sometimes.IMG_2544
  29. Double. When our dog hangs out with his friend its double the trouble.IMG_2543
  30. Jolt. Will always drop all attention for a squirrel. IMG_2542
  31. Slice. Sometimes you need to steal a slice of pizza.IMG_2541

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