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Owles Blog Tour – Being Thankful

This months theme is a creator we are thankful for. If you would like to read what our other members have typed up for this month you can find it here.


The moment I heard what this months theme is I automatically thought of Hideaki Sorachi who created Gintama. Gintama has been a Weekley Shonen Jump series since 2003. But recently it was announced to be moving over to Jump Giga Magazine. One thing that they are not scared to do is make fans think the series is ending or being canceled. Over the past month’s many fans dealt with many emotions while thinking it was going to finally end.

Gintama has touched every type of genera that you can think of which makes it work. We have seen mechs, idols, body swap and, even gender swap to name a few episodes. Gintama was even able to bring Char and Amuro from Gundan. This arch was rather interesting because they even used the original voice actors. We have even had moments when the entire screen is nothing but a censor blur. This is what makes it enjoyable is that you never know where is the show going to go with this story or joke.

Gintama is like the South Park and Sinfield of Anime. It’s never afraid to make jokes and sometimes the story is about nothing but laughs or tears.

Gintama is also never afraid to break the 4th wall and interact with the audience. An ongoing joke in the series is how Hideaki Sorachi does not know how to end the series.

Image result for 4th wall gintama

Gintama is a series to be thankful for because it has given us laughs at times when we lose hope in the real world. It’s great with reminding you its ok to laugh and cry because sometimes its the right thing to do. If you want to cry and then laugh at the same time watch Episode 153 – Sleep Helps A Child Grow. You will want to hug your pet and cry your eyes out but then next thing you know something will happen.

Gintama is a show that makes you want to watch the filler chapters because sometimes its just random like a father meeting his daughter’s boyfriend. Or the one when everyone is building a snow sculpture as part of a competition. Even the serious story arcs have a hidden laugh. In the latest story arch that was animated, they somehow make a Neo Genesis Evangelion reference. This was something no one was expecting but it worked.

Gintama is a series that will have to eventually end but its something we are thankful to have at this moment and still going. We don’t know how it will end but we know it will get us to laugh and cry at the same time.

Thank you Hideaki Sorachi for creating Gintama for us. We look forward to the adventures our favorited characters continue to walk. for the time being.


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