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Shopping at Anime Conventions


Anime Expo is in a few weeks. Which means it’s time to start getting our shopping list ready to go. When going to conventions, it’s best to have a list of what you’re looking to buy ready. This helps with making sure you’re getting the best deal, and the right item. Here I’ll explain what I use, and how I prepare myself a shopping guide.

I use Google Sheets for many reasons. First, when using Google Sheets, you have the option to view offline. This is helpful because you may have limited internet access at the convention. Second, you can view Google Sheets on any device it is installed on. Third, it gives you the option to share your list with anyone. This helps with having someone in your group keep an eye out for something you’re looking to buy.

When it comes to creating your first list, it will take time. It took me almost an entire day when creating my Nendoroid list. This was mainly because of how much detail is included in the list. It has the name of the character, along with a photo and the asking price. I will look at sites like Amiami and see what the price at the time of release was. I’ll also see how much a site like Mandrake is asking for a used price.

Here is an example for you.Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 8.57.21 PM

Once at the convention, you will now have a list of what you are looking for. You will also be able to show the dealer which specific item you are looking to buy. Remember, the goal for this is to know you are getting a good deal. Think about how much you may be saving by buying online or at a convention.

Now, If you see an item at the convention that isn’t on your list, wait on buying it. I recommend checking online first, because you may actually find it at a lower price. It also never hurts to see if you can find it at a used price from Japan. In Japan, people take good care of their belongings. I have a few figures that were purchased at a used price. The condition of them is still like new.

Don’t ever be afraid to talk with a vendor at conventions. Sometimes you may find good information. Like some vendor looking for extra help at conventions. Chances are they may ask you to help them at another convention. This is how you can make connections with new people. You may also find out they have a few items they are not displaying. Remember to be respectful when talking to vendors. If they are busy, come back at a different time if you want to chat with them. Bigger companies like hearing what feedback fans may have.

If you have any feedback, please leave a comment. How do you prepare for conventions? Do you have another method? I would love to hear what other people do. I will post an update if I find any good deals at AnimeExpo.

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