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Vulnerability is a Strength


In the month of June, we will be discussing what it means to be vulnerable. To some individuals, being vulnerable could be seen as a sign of weakness, but in fact, vulnerability is actually a sign of strength. In this month’s posts, we will explore what it means to be vulnerable and how certain characters in pop culture glamorize vulnerability. When do we show our vulnerability? How do we express vulnerability? Why should we show vulnerability? These are questions that we will be discussing in our posts featuring characters that show vulnerability and/or sensitivity and what we can learn from them or even our own personal stories.

Rose of Versailles takes place in France, before and after the French Revolution. The main character we follow throughout the series is Oscar François de Jarjayes. Oscar is a woman who has been raised as a man. By the time she was born, her father was tired of having only daughters. Over the years he provided her with a man’s education.

As we follow Oscar throughout the series, we meet other characters. They don’t see her as someone who is vulnerable. Instead, they see her as an equal and give her respect.

She falls in love like many of us have at some point. She even has a few admirers who are the same and opposite gender as her. But she still remains strong while facing challenges.

Oscar is a great example of someone who shows strength, where others may see someone vulnerable. She shows that her gender isn’t a weakens, but rather a strength.

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